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…our team is proud to offer our clients the experience and resources usually found only at larger law firms.

 We have full-time offices in Monroe, Georgia and Madison, Georgia to conveniently serve our clients. We are dedicated to providing clients in Walton County and Morgan County as well as surrounding counties, with comprehensive legal services. We have over sixty (60) years of combined legal and law enforcement experience.

Our Practice Areas

Foster, Hanks & Ballard, LLC provides aggressive representation and personalized legal services in the following areas of the law:

Criminal Defense attorneys in Monroe, GA.
Criminal Defense

Murder, Assault, Battery, Burglaries, Drug Offenses (possession, sale, manufacturing, trafficking), Robbery, Shoplifting, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Theft, DUIs and Computer Related Crimes.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death attorneys in Monroe, GA
Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Assault, Battery, Automobile Accidents, Tractor Trailer Accidents, Defective Product Injuries, Invasion of Privacy, Neglect, Slander, and Defamation.

Family Law in Monroe, GA.
Family Law

Adoptions, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support, Legitimations, and Paternity

Estate Planning and Probate in Monroe, GA.
Estate Planning and Probate

Wills, Administration, Caveats, Petition for Years Support and Litigation.


Marital Property Settlements, Pre-Litigation Consultations, Pre/Post-Marital Settlement Agreements and Contempt Proceedings

Corporate Lawyers in Monroe, GA.
Corporate Law

Business Organization, Transactions, Litigation, Demands for Accounting, Vendor and Contract Disputes, Director and Shareholder Fraud and Liability and Dissolution.

General Civil Litigation in Monroe, GA.
General Civil Litigation

Contract disputes, Landlord Tenant Disputes, Trespass and Tort claims.

Campaign Finance and Election Law Attorneys in Monroe, GA
Campaign Finance and Election Law

Federal and state campaign finance laws can be complex. We provide representation to our clients on issues related to campaign finance and election-law matters.


  • I was facing one of the most in my life...

    I was facing one of the most difficult and life changing events in my life and my children’s lives.  I explained my situation to several well-respected leaders in the community and the advice was always the same.  You need to hire Marcy Hanks.  Marcy and her team provided the expert counsel I needed, but they also provided comfort and reassurance during these trying times.  In the end, I believe I received a fair outcome and the things that were the most important to me were protected.  I would highly recommend Marcy and her team to anyone.”

    I was facing one of the most in my life...
  • I am a UGA student that hired Mr. Ballard as my defense attorney

    in my DUI case, and he did an exemplary job in my representation. Mr. Ballard laid out a timetable and plan for my case in the beginning that was easy for me to understand. Rather than taking the easy way out and settling my DUI charge as a reduction, Mr. Ballard continued to fight and find details that lead to the eventual dismissal of the charge. Last but not least, Mr. Ballard treated me with the utmost respect and dignity despite the uncertain circumstances. He went above and beyond, even after the case had been resolved to discuss how things would change or stay the same moving forward with my license, insurance, etc. I would highly recommend Mr. Robbie Ballard to any family member or friend for any case falling in his specialty.”

    I am a UGA student that hired Mr. Ballard as my defense attorney
  • We've had the pleasure of knowing Jeff for over 6 years.

    He and his firm handled all the legal matters pertaining to our domestic adoption. He is caring and compassionate, but also possesses a deep knowledge of the law and proper procedure. Additionally, I have consulted with him for various matters through the years on behalf of the church I serve. I am happy to be able to recommend Jeff without reservation!”

    We've had the pleasure of knowing Jeff for over 6 years.
  • What I appreciate the most about Mr. Barth's work

    is that he fought for what was right, what was the best for both myself and my child(ren). He was upfront on what he thought was realistic during negotiations, but presented anything I wanted to opposing counsel. He didn’t compromise on the parts of the divorce negotiations that I thought were most important, but again, was realistic on what I should expect as a compromise with my ex-husband. He was very knowledgeable about what to do in my specific situation and was reassuring when I got nervous about how the process was going. Throughout the divorce, Mr. Barth had mine and my child(ren)’s best interest in mind. Mr. Barth is an excellent attorney and I would recommend him to anyone seeking representation.”

    What I appreciate the most about Mr. Barth's work
  • Unfortunately we all make mistakes

    but your mistake can be far worse without the the knowledge and guidance provided from a very educated and well rounded attorney, That is exactly what I received from Robbie Ballard, rite out of the gate he was honest and very respectful, he then provided a very detailed list of how the case would proceed, He was extremely accurate with his expectations from the court and his thoughts on how the case would be handled. I have to say I was very impressed and would highly recommend Robbie Ballard for any type of legal representation. I also must say I expected a far greater cost for my services and was pleased to see Robbie was much more affordable than the other options I explored. Thank you Robbie Ballard for your services!”

    Unfortunately we all make mistakes
  • If you ever find yourself in a divorce

    you know you need the best attorneys you can find. Thankfully, Marcy and her team were and continue to be there for me when I need them most.  I can always reach them and absolutely trust their guidance.  I can not say enough about her ability to pull truth out when there is so many lies and deception going on. Do not go into a court room unprepared. Marcy is respectively the best family law attorney I have ever seen!” 

    If you ever find yourself in a divorce
  • Robbie was always prompt with any questions

    or concerns via email, telephone or office visit. I was able to meet with him ASAP for a consultation. My case was dismissed in a very prompt time frame, without much stress or worry in the process. I recommend him highly in any legal matter you might come across.”

    Robbie was always prompt with any questions
  • Marcy has handled my divorce

     and several other issues that have arisen in relation to that. Her counsel was also invaluable when I needed guidance on legal paperwork regarding my father’s illness. Not only has she answered all the (many!) questions I’ve had over the years and walked me through my options whenever a new issue has  presented itself, but she’s done so with great care, compassion, and concern that I get the  best possible outcome for me. I refer anyone I know in need of representation to her practice anytime I get the chance!” 

    Marcy has handled my divorce
  • Jeff helped me with my divorce

    as well as making some changes to the parenting plan several years later. He is excellent at what he does and a great communicator. His passion for his work and for the people he is working for is very evident. I would highly recommend him or anyone in their office.”

    Jeff helped me with my divorce
  • Sam was WONDERFUL!!!!

    He kept us in the loop with what was happening and with what would happen. He gave us comfort in the situation and provided us w/ stress relief. He said he would handle it – and that he did!! i hope to never need an attorney again but if we do, we will use Sam without hesitation. Thanks Sam!!!

    Sam was WONDERFUL!!!!
  • I first met Marcy Hanks in October, 2014

    when she agreed to handle my divorce and custody case. Although I am sure that trust and confidence is important in all legal cases, they are absolutely imperative with family law cases—when your life and the lives of your children are in turmoil. Throughout all my contact with Mrs. Hanks and her staff, I have never doubted that they have my best interest in sight and that they truly care about my family. Marcy has always been prepared and familiar with very aspect of my situation. She and her assistant, Stephanie, have taken great care to make certain that I stay informed and involved. In a time of uncertainty and stress, Marcy has been reliable and trustworthy.”

    I first met Marcy Hanks in October, 2014
  • After hiring another attorney

    and paying him 2x what Sam charged me and two years of back and forth and not getting anything accomplished I hired Sam to help in only two weeks our case was thrown out and over could not have been more satisfied I would definitely recommend Sam if you find yourself in need of an attorney. Thanks again Sam!!!!!”

    After hiring another attorney
  • Sam was great.

    My wife and I had a very difficult situation ahead of us dealing with her ex-husband. Sam was easy to talk with and helped bring things to light we had never thought about. He made a very tense situation a heck of a lot easier. We continue to stay in touch and will be using him again if need be. Thanks Sam!!!

    Sam was great.
  • Outstanding Character and Service


    Was on my side. Honest and straight forward. His character is impeccable. I would recommend him to anyone!


    Outstanding Character and Service
  • Excellence!


    Jeff helped me with my divorce as well as making some changes to the parenting plan several years later. He is excellent at what he does and a great communicator. His passion for his work and for the people he is working for is very evident. I would highly recommend him or anyone in their office.


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